I bet you haven’t read this review

Reading a book that I had no prior knowledge on, and definitely unclear of what to look for, I was a bit apprehensive to say the least.  Animals in Suits by Timur Raad is the satirical, dystopian story of the corporate world and Jake the protagonist, trying to figure it all out.  The title of the book says it all; animals who are in suits, spending nearly every day (because yes, they only get one day of rest) at the office working.  In the world Jake lives in, he has to teach robots (A.I.) how to do the work he is perfectly miserable doing.  Jake realizes from the start there are not many like him, questioning the system, the people at the top (the Clusters and Box-On-Top), and what life is like outside of the office.  He aligns himself with very few characters, one being his mentor of sorts, Billy, who as the novel progresses sees what the corporation is capable of, and how far it is willing to go to maintain the order it so destines for.  As a reader, I was not only brought into the scenes of the everyday, but into different characters thoughts, most importantly Jakes.  This book is cutting edge, with insight and possible outcomes of the American corporate system, making me question my own job and my everyday tasks and lifestyle.  One of my favorite aspects of this novel was Raad’s ability to make me as the reader align myself with different characters.  It is gripping and most importantly moving in ways that only until you reach the end of the 200 page book, will you see everything quickly come together.  Raad is writing for the time period he lives in, and doing it effectively and purposefully.


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