The Importance of Reading.

It is no secret that I am quite the bibliophile.  I devour each and every book I pick up and quickly move on to the next.  My passion for books and reading however, is fairly recent and something I have evolved into enjoying especially in the last year.

I took a picture on my phone one year ago today.  It was a picture actually for this blog.  It was a total of about ten books on a trunk I have in my room all piled together and I was going to discuss how in 2018 I really wanted to dive back into reading.  I took more of a plunge.  One year later and those ten books turned into over 500 books.  Yes, I have created my own library as some might see it.  It is so crazy to look back and see just how far I have come in one small aspect of my life.  Within that small collection of books however, evolved a whole new way of life for me.  Creating my major in University, becoming more affluent in the literary world, the way I speak, present myself.  Little did I know what that picture on my phone last year would manifest itself in to.  For me, reading and collecting books has become a part of me.  I never understood until now what people meant when they said they are so lucky to get to wake up and do what they love everyday.  My reading taste has not only changed and evolved but so has how I see the world.  I think 2018 was such a pivotal point in my life.  I turned twenty-one, I changed schools, discovered what I love, and most importantly discovered who I am.  I have no doubt this will only continue as the years go on, but how exciting it will be to get to watch myself become the person I want to be.  There has been so many aspects that have left such a positive mark on my life, but I truly believe I would not be where I am (and be as happy as I am) if it wasn’t for my epiphany into the literary world.  I understand not everyone is as in love with reading as I am, some don’t read even one book per year.  I can relate.  Growing up I despised reading.  I never read the assigned books in High School, or read for fun.  I liked the idea of books and reading them but it was never something I could grasp onto until I entered University and made the change that I would do better in College.  For those people who are like the younger me, I can only encourage and attempt to persuade you to give it a try, giving myself as an example of the effects it could potentially have on you.  Read anything.  It doesn’t have to be what everybody else is reading, or what you feel you should read.  Anything that sparks your interest is the first step.  Personally, I love to read classic literature.  I would say 90% of what I own happens to be just that.  I had a professor once who was in love with classic works as much or even more so than I am and he said to me one time as we were deep in a conversation about our love for a particular book.  He said: “I once was asked what is more difficult to read- classical literature or modern literature/fiction? I didn’t need to even think about it.  Classical literature is much easier to read.  Everything you read is simply based on all the old books.  If I don’t read the classics, how will I have any idea what is going on”.  Just some food for thought.

Whether you have read hundreds of books in your lifetime or just one, think about this post next time you come across a old bookstore or book that sparks your interest.  It may mean nothing to you, but the world to someone else and if that isn’t enough persuasion for you to pick it up and give it a try this last comment might.  If there is anything I have learned in my reading journey it is that books demand to be read.  They were not created for mere glimpsing and perusing through, they are written to be absorbed, understood, and maybe if you are lucky, you will have the epiphany I have had whenever I open a new book.

Quote(s) of the Day:

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”

–Harper Lee

“I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.”

– Orhan Pamuk

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Reading.

  1. The BEST post yet.
    I started reading when I had
    My first child. Tiffany
    I read magazines on babies and people.
    Nothing deep. But that’s how it started for me.
    That’s how I learned to read!

    Liked by 1 person

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