Food for Thought.

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“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

2019 is here, and with that I have been doing a great deal of thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.  I made the usual New Year’s resolution list that I seem to make every year (and then changed it half a dozen times just to get it right). I have thus far stuck to what is on that list, yet I still feel this unanswered question that needs a solution.  I feel an incessant need to change myself for the better each year, but I have come to realize that is only such a small piece to the puzzle.  The truth of the matter is, there is so much more to life than keeping your however many day streak at the gym, watching what you eat, being more organized, the list can go on and on.  There is a whole world out there that demands to be experienced and I feel it is my epiphany, my year, my time, to accomlish that.  I do not mean to imply that traveling is the only way to achieve this goal.  I think there are many opportunities just in our own neighborhood of life that we can utilize to expierence the world.  For 2019 I want to achieve this never ending resolution and continue to live by it for the rest of my life.  To give you readers some insight to what exactly I am talking about I decided sharing some of the things I plan to do would help give you some ideas of your own.

Resolutions for Life;

Travel.  While it is not always the most economical of resolutions, there are ways to go and discover the world around you.  One thing I have come to realize over the past year is that you can travel to places for less than you would ever imagine.  A perfect example of this would be instead of going to Italy or Thailand, try Iceland or even Norway.  If you do enough research you will actually find that certain places in the world are so much more reasonable and affordable than you would think.  If this still isn’t within your means there are ways to discover the world you might have never even thought of.  Books are clearly a way, if you are interested, to learn and experience in your own right, another country.  I love to read travel books because not only are you learning about a place you may or may not have ever been too, you are experiencing life in a whole new lens, just by sitting on your couch with the book open.  If the book idea is more in your means of learning and “traveling” I would definitely reccomend any of Bill Bryson’s novels.  Personally I really enjoyed In a Sunburned Country which is all about his adventures in Australia.  The New York Times Footsteps is as well a facinating account of peoples own experiences in the world .  Of course nothing is quite like actually going to these physical places but why not leave your own bubble of a world you live in and try it out.

Observe.  One of my great attributes is my ability to be observant.  In being so I have noticed this past year more than ever how preoccupied people are in their own lives.  Everyone is either to busy staring into their mobile devices, or wishing that they were.  Ask yourself: When was the last time you sat for even five minutes and let your thoughts wander?  When have you ever looked at something and saw past the mere surface of it?  It is so easy for us, in the technologically driven world we reside in today to become ignorarnt to what is right in front of us.  Look out and see the world in front of you.  Take a million pictures not only on your camera or phone, but in your mind as well.  Moments only last so long and what we take out of them is far more important.  One of the resolutions on my list was to spend as little time on my phone as possible and I think that fits perfectly with this point.  If you haven’t already been told or discovered it by yourself, the stuff you occupy your time with on your phone doesn’t matter.  The games, the social media, the hundreds of junk email piling up in your inbox can wait.  Take in every moment, every second.

Learn.  I do not simply mean that learning can only be done in the classroom.  This one is two-fold.  There are so many apps, websites, etc. that have learning platforms for you to continue enriching your mind.  One of my favorites happens to be Coursera.  You can actually take classes in whatever field interests you and (depending if you want to pay or use it for free) you could even earn credit for the time spent learning that material.  Rosetta Stone is another platform that I am so excited to try out this year as well.  Why not learn a new language?  Learning however is not limited to what you can read in books, class, etc.  This year, learn an instrument, how to paint, learn any hobby your heart desires.  Why? Why not.  Learn what it means to be a good friend, parent, sibling.  Learn something, anything, and once you do, move onto the next thing.

I find that one of the most exciting and invigorating things in life is the simple fact that there is truly no limit to what one can accomplish when they have their mind set to it.  To expand one’s horizons and let go of anything and anyone standing in your way is a mere accomplishment on it’s own.  Make this the year of you.  Take it all in, live your best life everyday and find and do just one thing each day to make it all worthwhile.  I am not only excited but inspired to live by this post for the entirety of 2019 and see where it might take me.


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