I am in need of a Booking.

Happy Friday everyone! For today’s book review, I am going to be talking about a book that I actually had the time to read for pleasure, not school related, and just in time for Halloween.

Recently I read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This has been a book that I have been waiting to read all year because after numerous book reviews from other bloggers, I was told to wait until October. I am still in a state of astonishment that Mary Shelley wrote this when she was only 18 years old. She was with her lover Percy Shelley at the time of writing this and the romantic poet of all poets and Shelley herself were both such powerful writers, today they could be thought of as the power couple of all couples!

This book definitely surprised me. I admit I was a bit naïve when I first picked this up, assuming that it would be similar to all the cartoons I have seen throughout my life. This book is nothing like the cartoons. It is the story of a young man Victor Frankenstein and his tragic life after the creation of his greatest and most horrific enemy. Shelley did not do herself justice in the format of this novel. I was intrigued after reading the first page. It gave me a very similar feel to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights in the way that the story and narrative are represented. The reader goes on the same adventure as the young man who finds Frankenstein (who is NOT the monster you might be thinking of if you have yet to read this). This book was in one word phenomenal and surpassed every expectation I could’ve had for it. The one note I will make however is that I did not see all the hype for reading it during the fall time. I do understand that it involved a monster and it was set during the dead of winter which I can connect with Halloween and the fall and winter time, however I do think this is a book that you can read all year long, while something more like Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House I would really only read during Halloweentime (because it makes it that much more fun and spooky)!

Last on my list of novels to read before Halloween is the one and only, Dracula by Bram Stroker. I am so excited to share that with you all next! Happy reading!

Quote of the Day:

Beware for I am fearless and therefore powerful”- Mary Shelley (Fun Fact: I read this line about a thousand times before I could continue reading)

5 Star Rating:

4 thoughts on “I am in need of a Booking.

  1. There are so many religious themes in Frankenstein. In fact, the monster is often referred to as a ‘christian’ monster. The self reflective questions he asks come directly from the catechism that any christian of the era would have had memorized. And of course there’s the whole theme with the monster and Paradise Lost. All of that is contrasted with Victor’s reliance on science and his own knowledge reflects the great argument of the day…an argument that continues now about the relationship between religion and science. And the monster, who has no name, refers to himself as “thy Adam.”

    Easily one of my favorite books. BTW, Whale in The Bride of Frankenstien, literally turns the Monster into a Christ figure.

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    1. I appreciate your comments and am overjoyed in reading all your thoughts on what I’ve read! I am so excited and honored to be nominated and as soon as University ends for the term I will be answering all the questions!

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