Fresh Seasons, Fresh Beginnings

Happy Tuesday friends!  For today’s post I want to talk to you all about something that has been on my mind for quite a while now; starting fresh.  Something I hear all the time and I admit, I struggle with at times as well is the idea of starting fresh.  Does it require a Monday to set it in place?  Or a “new year, new me” motto?  I think that so many people struggle with being able to make new and healthy changes in their lives that they forget how normal and common this sort of thing is.  I for one always say to myself that I will just start over on Monday.  It is an easy excuse I have made for myself so that I can look forward to something, without jeapordizing whatever it is I am in the negative habit of doing now.  Once you are able to reconize that you are making excuses and that you can start a new change whenever you want, the process becomes a lot easier.

Personally, I have decided to try something new.  I am going to work on being more aware of time I have that I spend doing things that will not benefit me.  For example, I enjoy watching Youtube and Netflix.  This however can take up so much of my everyday life that could go towards doing something more productive.  Instead, I have decided to look into new and improved modes of enjoyment that can substitute all the time I spend wasting.  One thing I have been loving is Coursera.  Coursera is basically classes you can either take for free (with no degree) or pay $49 (with a degree).  The most amazing part about this app is the fact that you get to decide the classes and the direction you want to go.  I am taking free courses because I am just doing it for the learning aspect, not specific classes to help in a job, university class, etc.  I am in the middle of taking a few classes that can range anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  What you do with the courses you take is up to you but the message and point I am making here is that I am now watching videos and actually engaging my brain and learning instead of being sluggish, siting on the couch all day binging.  Another thing to note is that I didn’t have to start on a Monday to do this.  I decided to do it one weekend, and the rest was history.

Another aspect I have been working on improving is my health and wellness.  Working out is such a struggle for me because I never feel motivated enough to hit the gym.  I give myself the excuse (sort of) of school work and reading and I never have the time to take care of my body.  Meditation and working out are two vital points in my life that need to be constatnly worked on.  Since realizing this I have begun making schedules but very loose ones.  This way I can make the time for my health, without forgetting my other tasks that must get completed.  It is never to late to start working out.  20 minutes is better than nothing at all.  The days that I do not have the chance to go and workout I still try and do little at-home workouts, even if it is just for five minutes!

Being able to self-reflect is so important in our everyday lives.  To get yourself out of a situation that is not benefitting you is not only showing motivation and hard-work, but also just how disciplined you can be.  So don’t wait until the next day, month, even year to change your life, start living!

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