Timing is Everything.

Happy Tuesday everyone! For today’s post I want to talk to you about the importance of time: something so often taken for granted, yet neglected none the less. William Penn once said, “time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.

One thing that personally I have had to deal with from being a student, an employee, and overall human being is how to make the most of my time in the most productive, and enjoyable way possible. I have learned a lot over the years and plan to continue learning exactly what it is that works for me, and do that. Today I have a few tips for you all that have helped me and have drastically changed the way I make the most of my time.

  1. See the beauty in a commute. Now for most I am sure you are wondering what in the world I am talking about. Commuting? Really? If you are like me and commute to a job, school, etc. you know what it’s like to get up every morning and make that long track to your destination. I have found that there are actually ways to be productive however, even on your way. Now this tip is definitely a bit easier if you are commuting by train, or you are not the one driving. I persaonlly take the train and while I do not always feel like it, I make sure to use that hour or so ride to do something, anything really that will eliminate something on my to-do list later on. Even if it seems like you are exhausted or won’t be able to get the whole task done, just doing a little can make the biggest difference. Now if you are driving a productive/more fulfilling way to get your day started/end it on the right note would be to listen to a TedTalks, and audible book,or a Podcast (some of my favorites are: Stuff You Should Know, The Daily (NYT), Optimal Living Daily, and The History Chicks). Listening to the news of course is beneficial as well, but spicing it up every now in then really makes and fills your days up to their highest extents.
  2. Avoid the technology. Now if your job requires you to go on a phone/laptop, try to make sure you only have open the tabs and emails necessary at that given moment. Personally, I try and give myself “mini-breaks” as I like to call it. I’ll do a task or two on my to-do list and won’t look at my phone until the activity is completed. The mini breaks I give myself I tend to also stick to no longer than 15-20 minutes. In that time I can get a snack, do something for myself, anything really as a break to my brain. I personally do not have a hard time staying off my phone to begin with so this tip wasn’t to difficult for me to overcome. I know for others, this may seem near impossible but it is possible and while you are not only using your time more wisely, your also getting out of the bad habit of sticking to your phone.
  3. Plan ahead. This one is my last tip and probably seems like the most obvious. I cannot explain how easy it is for me (and I can only assume for others as well) to plan ahead. I like to view myself as the queen of the planners and being able to see exactly what I need to do and when I need to do it has been a life saver. Whether you are going to make a to-do list (I make about 10 of these every day) in your planner, or actually schedule everything you need with the monthly view, I can guarantee you, you’ll want to finish the tasks you have written down faster and thus giving yourself more free time: an opportunity so few of us are able to grasp on the daily.
  • I hope these three tips help you all and remember, it also is okay to give yourself a break. Whether it is my relaxation of choice (watching Friends and (hopefully) eating Chinese food in sweats) or your own kind of zoning out, enjoy the little things. I know I do. Happy Tuesday everyone.
  • One thought on “Timing is Everything.

    1. Love this post.
      I am a planner and I am taking a break of planning at least one plan a day.
      I really felt good when I quit
      Planning my Oct 6 game day. I decided this is not the year to go to Texas / OU game. No planing involving lots of people. Easy for me.
      No calling. No coordinating etc. I feel great!!!

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