Want a challenge?

Happy Monday everyone! For today’s post I want to share with you all a new goal I have set for myself in hopes that I might get some of you all to join in and try it with me. Something I’ve noticed I partake in often is watching YouTube. Now this isn’t obviously for everyone but maybe you can think of something you do that takes up some of your valuable time. For example, an excess amount of TV time, a particular game or app on your phone, a video game, etc. What I plan to do for the remainder of August is cut myself off from Youtube. Now if you wanted to try this challenge with me you could do it in a way that would positively help in your life.

The reason behind me doing this challenge is that I began to feel as though so much of my time was taken away from me and it was all so easily avoidable! For example, let’s say I spent one hour everyday total watching YouTube videos. That’s seven hours every week which is 28 hours every month. I wanted to stress the numbers to you all not because I worry about your math skills (ha!) but more so to make it as clear as possible why I am doing what I’m doing. I think back and say to myself: “wow, what could you have done with that time? Maybe some of the things you have been wanting to do but have been putting off?”

I have decided to make time for what’s important to me and give myself a chance to try something new! I think this is going to help shape my life in the most positive of lights and I am looking forward to seeing in September if I am happy with the decision I made. Let me know if you plan on trying this challenge as well! I cannot wait to go through this month together, improving ourselves each and everyday!

One thought on “Want a challenge?

  1. So right on task

    I am going to not watch news for a month.

    All I do is get mad. I don’t need this because there are no reporters that are fair and balanced.

    I will watch local news at 6:00 or 10:00. I’ll see how I do.

    Good post!

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