You are going to want to read this one.

Happy Friday friends! I am so excited for today’s post because the book I am going to be discussing is far and away my favorite read of the summer thus far. I just finished Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. I came across this book actually, because it was my fathers and I figured, why not steal another one of his treasures. The Penguin Classics edition of this book intrigued me as well as the size (only about 130 pages) so I dived in.

I cannot begin to explain how brilliant this book is. It made me grateful that I have fallen in love with literature. If you are unfamiliar with the novel, it is a coming of age story about a boy, Siddhartha. We as the reader get to go on his life journey with him as he discovers himself and what the world really is. I was fascinated and hooked to say the least from the Indian culture to each character in this novel. It was one of those novels that after I had finished reading it I sat and thought about every detail for a good number of minutes. If you haven’t read this yet and are looking to read a book I have reviewed, this is the one to pick up!

If you have read the novel, I would love to hear any and all thoughts about it. If it wasn’t obvious enough, I thoroughly enjoyed every page. Happy weekend everybody!

Quote of the Day:

Wisdom cannot be communicated. Wisdom that a wise man tries to communicate, always sounds foolish” –Siddhartha

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