Book Time

Happy Friday friends! Today is yet another book review (yay). Recently I read Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. This was a fantastic read. It was composed of ten letters that Rilke wrote to an aspiring soldier who was away fighting.

Rilke manages to write in such a beautiful and poised way that at times, I felt as though he were writing the letters to me personally. The amount of time spent on each and every letter was beyond apparent and impressive. The advice given was inspiring. I fell in love with reading all over again to say the least. To be able to read the works of a writer outside of his/her actual novels/poetry is such an interesting and unique angle to judge the person on. I felt as though I were reading something from an old friend, really I thought I knew Rilke. The book is definitely a short read (about 80 pages) and something that was so intriguing, I kept wanting to move onto the next letter. I cannot wait to go pick up some of Rilke’s works (as well as some authors he recommended) and be enlightened once more.

Have you all read anything by Rilke? I’d love to know any and all thoughts! It was definitely as though reading poetry, even if it was unintentional in the letters. Happy Friday everyone! Keep reading.

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