What about art?

Happy Wednesday friends! On this gloomy Wednesday afternoon I got to thinking… what would be a post I could talk about that would get my readers excited as well? Naturally, art came to mind. The subject and meaning of art is still something fairly new to me. I have always enjoyed going to museums but it wasn’t until I actually started studying artists and various pieces of art that I realized the love and passion that I have for it. I never would’ve imagined something with no words could have so much to say and that I believe is the beauty of observing art.

Now I know for some of you, college is already long gone. You went through those years and aren’t going back. I get it. They’re other options however. While my preferred method of studying art is either in the classroom or at the museum, those options aren’t always accessible to me and that is where Coursera comes in. Coursera is an app that allows you to learn thousands of different subjects in the comfort of your own phone. Currently I am taking a Modern Art course (coincidentally enough). Basically, you have a set amount of “classes” you are given to take and you get to read, watch videos, all while learning at a pace and ease that is most comfortable for you. For all my fellow A+ students out there, there is even homework to be completed if you so choose. Now Coursera has two options: 1. It is free you take the classes for fun and to learn. 2. You pay for the class your taking and at the end you actually get to be certified in that particular subject (pretty cool huh?).

I remember leaving my first art class I ever took and thinking, “wow, it won’t get much better than that lesson”. Yet of course it did, learning about a new work or artist every class. It also made my museum expierence all the more enjoyable as well. I was able to learn about a De Kooning or a Cezanne piece and actually appreciate what was hanging before me.

There is so much to take out of the subject of “art” and I only hope to have inspired you to go out there and discover it all for yourself. It has changed my way of thinking, my views, and overall my perception of everything.

Happy Wednesday all, enjoy it!

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