Oh Chicago, Chicago.

Happy Wednesday friends! I am sorry to have missed a day this past Monday (I am still getting myself back into a routine from my two trips). For today’s post I am going to be doing my favorite, a travel look back! Recently I went to Chicago, Illinois for the first time. I had no idea what to expect but knew I wanted to explore yet another city I had never been to. I did manage to eat my way through the city and do a little bit of shopping as well. Want to know my favorite places to go? Stay tuned.

Where I went?

If you are going to Chicago you know you have to try their famous deep dish pizza at least once. I went to Gino’s and it was like nothing I have ever tried before. In one world, mouth-watering (yes that counts as one word!). It takes 45 mins to an hour just to make the pizza and it comes in flaming hot right to your table, an expierence you will not want to miss. Another amazing restaurant I want to bring to your all’s attention is Hugo’s Frog Bar. Although the name of this place might make you skeptical, this restaurant had one of the best steak dinners I have ever tried. It was fantastic and their array of seafood dishes, makes it easy to have an option for everyone.

Now the moment you all have been waiting for, shopping! I did not do a lot of shopping when I was down here but I definitely did enough. I discovered an adorable book store called “afterwards” books. It had a combination of used and new books and an overall look that made you want to do a photo-shoot in the place. Michigan Avenue is the more obvious choice for people wanting to shop. It has the high price tag stores and some (such as an Anthropologie!!) that are fun to stop into a look around.

Lastly what did I actually do in Chicago? To name a few, I went to museums (my favorite having to be The Art Institute of Chicago), walked and took pictures in Grant Park (more importantly The Bean), shopped in The Water Tower, and just walked around Chicago! I think getting your bearings and really discovering a city on your own for the first time is the beat way to find out how much you actually enjoy the place your in.

This is such a short list of all the amazing things I got to do while in this amazing city! Have any of you all been to Chicago? What were your thoughts? I’d love to know your favorite places for the next time I travel there! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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