While in the air…

Happy Wednesday friends! For today’s post, I’m sticking to the travel theme. Since I have been out and about exploring the world around me this past month I thought it only appropriate to share some of my secrets and tips on how I make my plane rides a breeze.

So what do I do on a plane ride that keeps me occupied? Well let’s see…

1. I have major flight anxiety (especially right at take off) so I like to keep myself busy. One thing I do every single flight I’m on is right before the plane takes off I put in my earphones and play calming music. This not only helps me calm my nerves but also keeps my mind busy.

2. Once up in the air, nerves settled, I read. This one probably sounds like an obvious but it helps me so so much! If you are reading a really good book (which I happen to be at the moment) it sucks you in and really makes you forget where you are. If reading an actual novel doesn’t suit your fancy, try a magazine, newspaper, really anything will do!

3. Games. I see so many people every flight playing games on their phones, keeping themselves busy if they can’t snooze on the flight (don’t worry I can’t either). What I started doing instead of sitting on my phone was to bring a game with me. Now if you are traveling with someone you could bring a deck of cards or something like that. I brought a book of crossword puzzles I recently purchased (yes, I am an 80 year old at heart) and I tried doing that. Anything to get your mind stimulated and moving.

What do you like to do on a plane? I’m sure the obvious answer of sleep doesn’t come as easy to everything as it doesn’t for me. Have a great mid-week day everyone! Stay traveling.

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