Yet another late night post.

Happy Monday friends! Today, I have yet another late night post. This one is in reference to my life and involves one of my many passions, traveling. I am off on another Summer 2018 trip and I figured I’d share some packing tips that I happened to use that always help me.

Tips & Tricks:

We all know traveling, while most of the time is exciting and full of anticipation, can at other times produce stress and chaos. Here are three things I do to make my pre-travel expierence a breeze.

1. Pack Smart. This one is so important. I have gotten into the habit of trying on everything I am going to bring and creating outfits I know I will wear. Not only does this prevent overpacking, but dismisses any stress you might have while on the actual vacation.

2. Make a checklist. This goes hand in hand with number one but is still a necessity. I like to either make mental (or more often then not physical) lists of everything I’ll need. From a airplane read to an extra pair of socks. Making a list of some sort is something I do on the daily so being able to incorporate when traveling, it’s a win win.

3. Plan beforehand. When I know I am going away on a trip I begin usually a week before preparing. This goes for packing, laundry, etc. One thing I enjoy doing is giving myself a pamper night the night before I know I’ll be flying. I’ll do a face mask, paint my nails, anything that is relaxing yet also productive for my trip.

What do you do before your vacation? Leave me a comment below on what else I should possibly add to my pre-travel check list! Have a great week everyone, see you again Wednesday!

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