Reading the Book.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s book review is on Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. After this book was recommended to me on numerous occasions I felt it was only appropriate to finally getting around to reading it.

This book was by far the most sophisticated and thoughtful novel I have read thus far. For me, it was like reading from a genius. While at times, difficult to comprehend the message and thought that went into this novel was fascinating. I highly recommend it isn’t too lengthy and overall I felt I was learning through reading Mann’s work. The book in short is about a man and his interesting trip once he hits the shore of Venice. From love to lust, this novel will have you turning pages until the very end. To say the least, it only made me more excited to read more of his works, in particular Doctor Faustus.

Have you all read any of Thomas Mann’s works? I was recommended to read a few in particular after taking different classes at university and have yet to be disappointed.

Have a great weekend everyone, keep reading!

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