Car Thoughts…

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today, as I sit in the car I think. It is so much easier to gather your thoughts and feelings when your mind is free to go in whatever direction it chooses, for me that place is in the car.

As we drive, I am realizing how important it is to see the small things. So often in life we are preoccupied with the “big” things. Maybe, those things aren’t as big as we think though. What your next post is on social media, or where you’ll go out for dinner this weekend is so trivial when you actually open your eyes to the “small” things that really, aren’t that small. So here’s a challenge for you readers; for one day, one hour, even one minute look around you and notice something you normally wouldn’t. For me, it was the color of the trees on my small little road trip. Yes they are green, but what type of green? I began to notice these things and really felt one with the world we live in.

I was reading an article from a book I have and one of the suggestions was to take a few minutes everyday to reconnect with nature. It sounded silly to me, why couldn’t I just do what I wanted? It wasn’t until I really began to put myself in situations where I’d converse with nature that I saw the vitality and need for this. So next time you discover something you never have, ask yourself; should I be making more of an effort to do things that better me as a person. It makes all the difference I can guarantee it.

Quote of the Day:

-Walden By: Henry David Thoreau

2 thoughts on “Car Thoughts…

  1. Love the quote.
    So profound.
    You are so right to not miss the little things. They are free and really BIG things.
    A smile can change the world.
    A laugh is contagious
    A compliment can be life changing

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