Where will I go next?

Happy Monday friends! Today’s post includes a little traveling… are you in?

Recently I took a trip up to Princeton Universtiy. I love to go to different academic areas and really get a sense of the people and town. Princeton was no exception. I had never been and it was beyond what I could’ve imagined. From the town to the university, I fell in love. There was a few things I did when there that I absolutely would recommend if it is your first time seeing the place, or your just looking for something new to do.

What to do in Princeton:

  1. Explore the campus. This one is a bit obvious but the actual architecture of each and every building is beyond words. The University itself is very much inclusive and is similar to the shape of a square so everything is super accessible and easy to navigate.
  2. Eat. Could it really be a travel post without some food? Princeton has so much to offer and it’s cuisine is not an exception. From Jammin Crepes to the various pubs and grills, you are sure not to be disappointed.
  3. Shop. I knew I was going to be a happy camper when I saw the campus bookstore and a book store right next to eachother. Labyrinth Books is hands down one of the best, most unique bookstores I have been in. It is perfect if your looking for some on sale classics or some literature accessories. I spent only an hour in here and could’ve gone for the whole day.

To say the least I thoroughly enjoyed my latest adventure. I love to go to places, anywhere in the world that I’ve never been too. It’s just a check on the never-ending list of places I’ll want to visit one day.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, what’s your favorite spot in Princeton if you have been? I’d love to know for my next adventure!

Quote of the Day:

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have, or do” –Brian Tracy.

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