Book Time

Happy Friday everyone!

So what book will it be this week? Recently I read Daisy Miller by Henry James. It was a very short read (about 60-75 pages depending on your edition) and I decided on it because I wanted to read something from an author I had heard a decent amount about, yet still hadn’t read any of their novels.

Honestly, this novel just made me smile. While the plot really isn’t over joyous, the writing and how James is able to engross the reader in was remarkable. I remember thinking, “wow this is just so good”. For no rhyme or reason, this novel is enchanted me and made me realize why it is a classic, and his most famous at that.

I ended up picking up another one of his books (The American) and am so looking forward to reading it eventually. I think James is an author everyone should read and I absolutely would say this novel is the one to start with. Disappointment was obviously not in his vocabulary.

Have a great weekend everyone, keep reading!

Quote of the Day:

“It’s time to start living the life you imagined” –Henry James.

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