Expand your Horizons.

Haruki Murakami once said, “if you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking”. To start, this quote is pure brilliance and I am so happy I have it written on one of my thousands of bookmarks. Besides the brilliancy behind it however, I really gave this quote a second thought.

I have always had the mindset that “I read to learn”. Besides classic literature (which I am a bit obsessed with) I tend to only read novels that are non-fiction/will educate me on a subject in one way or another. But why can’t I read other works I would never consider reading? To answer my own question, I can and intend too. I intend to always read and collect classic literature, it really is my love and brings out my passion for reading. Instead of shying away from this I decided to read classic literature by authors I had either 1. Never heard of and/or 2. Involves a plot line I normally wouldn’t be keen on. I have read a few novels after trying this and have thus far been pleasantly surprised! Not only am I reading a broader spectrum of novels but I am actually learning and educating myself on authors from around the globe.

I think this philosophy goes beyond just books however. This lifestyle choice is key for so many aspects of your everyday life. From the exercises you choose to do while working out, to the type of food you eat on a night in or out! Being able to step out of your comfort zone is critical when trying to better and make the most of your life.

I hope you all are as inspired as I am! Be sure to stick around for a book review Friday, possibly on one of the new novels I have warmly opened up too!

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