Late Night Chats

Happy Monday everyone! Today I want to talk about something that I have discovered and ever since so, have really had a new outlook on life. Now this is something that I’ve known and come to terms with for a few years now, but why not share it with all of you to rediscover as well?

When I was in high school, social media was the “big thing”. If you didn’t have it you were questioned and if you did you were judged. Over the years this cycle of continually staring at my phone, posting pictures that made me look as though I were having much more fun than I was got exhausting. Once entering University I decided to cut back. I deleted all my social media. I still remember my friends looking at me strange wondering how I could have gone through with such a horrible act. It wasn’t until this blog began that I created an Instagram for myself and go on it occasionally to post pictures for this site. The point is, I didn’t need the social connections I so desperately longed for back in high school. All I needed was to put down my phone and actually live my life. Now don’t get me wrong I take hundreds of photos still on the daily. I just don’t let it consume my everyday life. I still want pictures to look back on, I just don’t find it a necessity for everyone else in the world to see my pictures too.

I hope you all enjoyed this random, late-night thought. I just figured every now in then, let’s just say what is on our mind.

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