A Bit of a Throwback.

Happy Monday everyone! Today I thought it would be nostalgic and fun to throw it back to the summers where I traveled the world. I cannot deny, I am a bit bummed I won’t be leaving the country this summer. Traveling is such a passion of mine and to not be able to do it (especially out of the country) is hard to grasp.

There is something so special about going to places you have never been to before, exploring, trying new things. It brings out a more vulnerable, curious side to you as a person. I remember when I first stepped out of the bus in Rome. I felt the history and it hit me; there is a whole world out there and you are just getting started. Greece was very similar. I couldn’t believe it. To this day I have never been to a more beautiful place. It is breathtaking. You look out into the water and everything is so at peace. I remember looking out while the sun was setting and thinking; I am apart of something so much bigger. My favorite however has to be Paris. Paris has me wrapped around its finger. I don’t know what it is that continually drags me in. This is the country where I discovered my favorite thing in the entire world; the Eiffel Tower. It is actually more amazing than any of those corny movies, or books, really anything can do justice. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I remember walking under it and feeling this warmth in my heart, and at night when I saw the light-show my feet wouldn’t move. I stood there watching, over and over.

Traveling is something that is beyond words. It is where you find history and love but most importantly yourself. I have plenty of time to travel in my life, it’s just fun to look back on sometimes! Have a good week friends.

quote of the day;

“Ones destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things” –Henry Miller

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