Friday’s Reads

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m coming at you with another book review.

Recently I read Joshua Ferris’s To Rise Again at a Decent Hour. This book was such a fun, light, interesting read after a semester of classic novels. Ferris introduces a character who is constantly contradicting himself and the life he chooses to live. From baseball to dental work, this novel is laugh-out-loud funny. I found this novel one that I normally wouldn’t pick up, but am thrilled I did. Ferris does a great job of making his novels not only relatable but entertaining. I had a hard time putting the book down at times, turning page after page to find out what would happen next. It’s a great mix of knowledge and pure entertainment.

I think it is so important to read a variety of genres and even books you would normally not think of picking up. Doing this has really opened my mind to so many topics and ideas and it has especially made me more interested in the books I’ve picked up to read.

I hope you all enjoyed this book review. Be sure to let me know what book you are reading at the moment in the comments below! Happy weekend!

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