Be-Loving this Book

Happy Friday all!  Today is Friday and that means another book review.  My final book for the semester was Beloved by Toni Morrison.  This was the first modern classic we had read in the class, and I had read in general and I am to say the least, pleased.

The book is a constant back-and-forth in time from the South with slavery and the South of present day.  Sethe, the main character struggles to keep her life together and “only focus on the present” that the conflict of slavery and the effects it has on each individual shines a bright light throughout the novel.  Without giving to much away this book completly altered the way I view literature.  It amazes me how much Morrison was able to accomplish in regards to the detail and sophistication of each and every line written.  It had me sad at times and at others, content.  The novels focus on Sethe and her two daughters is essential in understanding just how much African Americans had to go through during the time period as slavery and how for Sethe, escape was the only option.

Being a person who “reads to learns” I was very skeptical about this novel.  I was sure that I would enjoy it, I just figured it wasn’t something I would consider picking up on my own.  The value of taking English classes, as I did in a scholastic enviroment really opened my eyes to how important it is to read books from all time periods, genres, and likes.  This book is one I am proud to have on my bookshelf and the impression it left will  stay by me for many years to come.

Happy Friday and be sure to read over this beautiful summer weekend (I know I will be!)

Quote of the Day;

“I freed a thousand slaves.  I could’ve freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves” – Harriet Tubman.

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