Let’s Book It

Happy Friday all! Today is, yes, another book review! Recently I read Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. This book was in one word, phenomenal. It is absolutely one of my new favorite books and for so many reasons. Originally when I was assigned this novel for a class I am taking I was skeptical to say the least. The mystical, fantasy aspects are something I didn’t think I would enjoy. After I began the book however, I was hooked. I actually delayed my finishing the book with the schedule I had intended just because I enjoyed it that much.

The book is a satirical take on the Soviet Regime with some magic and religious references throughout. The perspective Bulgakov gives is contagious and really opened my eyes to how I view the world we live in. If you couldn’t already guess the Master and Margarita are the two main characters but there are many others that once you get past the difficult Russian names, you will fly through the book. This is a book I am going to continue to read throughout my life and for so many reasons. I cannot recommend it enough. Out of all my book reviews I have done thus far on the blog, read this one!!

Have a happy weekend everyone! Let me know if you have read this novel and your thoughts as well! Happy reading.

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