Between the Books

Happy Friday all! Today is yet another book review.

Recently I read my first Virginia Woolf novel (I’m sure you can imagine my excitement) and was quite surprised with my discovery while reading it. Between the Acts was Wolf’s last novel before her death and the different historical references that are discussed throughout the novel are uncanny and addicting. This was one of the more difficult novels I’ve read. I was very surprised at the trouble I was having picking up all the references made. This being said, after discussing the novel and all it entails I realized why everyone loves Woolf. She is able to tell a story yet behind every word there is so much power and meaning.

The book goes into detail about WWI and the upcoming WWII. Set in England, it becomes more and more apparent how Woolf felt about the time period she lived in. What is important to pay attention to in the novel is what is going on between the play (aka the acts). The play, being the main setting in the novel is actually not what Woolf wanted the reader to focus on. Without giving to much away, this novel tempted me to go out and buy every single one of her other novels (don’t worry eventually I actually will).

I hope you all enjoyed this book review and let me know what your favorite Woolf novel is! Have a great weekend friends!

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