3 is more than just a number.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today I am going to discuss three things that I have learned in these last six months. While these three things may not be monumental, or new for you all, they have definitely changed my lifestyle drastically.

1. Take a deep breath, and let it go.

This was a big one for me and one I still continue to work on. Holding onto anger and working yourself up over trivial matters is not only unhealthy but stagnant to your overall success. The term “namaste” is one I used to joke around about but I actually take a deep breath and say it whenever I am feeling worked up, tense, and angry at a situation. Being able to recognize your built up anger and frustrations is the first and most difficult step. I know personally, whenever I’m all upset and worked up, I feel the need to stay in that particular mood. I stopped and asked myself one day, why? Ever since then I have become more observant and a much more happier person as well.

2. Control=Success.

Whenever I am trying to start a new healthier eating and working out schedule, or studying for an exam for a class, I have come to realize that my control over a given situation is imperative. I began to realize this when I enter university. I would be given the syllabus at the beginning of the semester so I knew exactly when I had each assignment or exam due. Instead of cramming it in at the last minute I decided to have a controlled schedule that mapped out when I would do what and for what amount of time I would go through with it. The same can be said with my working out and reading schedule. Two things that I used to not enjoy I now look forward to. I set out a period of my day to do it and discipline myself to make sure I complete it. Having control over your life can help in the biggest way even when dealing with the smallest things!

3. Positivity goes a long way.

I never noticed how remaining positive in situations that you want to be negative in can change your whole outlook on a situation. We all know the term “bad day”, it’s just a “bad day”. Well why not make it a good day. It’s so much more satisfying to hear that you were able to turn around a mood that you were in just by your own willingness. Positivity goes a long way, from the people you surround yourself with to the person you want to be. If you have positive thoughts they can only increase your level of happiness and utility.

I hope these tips/ideas help you to grow as a person and be the best version of yourself possible. It has helped me and I continue to learn and grow everyday because of it.

“It’s not the load that weighs you down it’s the way you carry it” -C.S. Lewis

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