Walking in The District Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Finally a new post. School has been crazy this semester, but I am back and with a travel post. Recently I took a trip down to Washington D.C. and as always, explored as much as possible. I like to go down here at least once a year, the history and overall learning expierence is one not to miss.

What to do?

Whenever I am in the area, my number one must-see is the monuments, in particular the Lincoln Memorial. I love to go either early in the morning or later at night and water the sunrise/sunset. It is a sight not to miss! The other memorials and monuments are equally as great as well. It is all in one area, so there is no way to miss one. Another activity I enjoy is going to the various museums. Many of them are free which is great, but there are some that cost a little but are so worth it. My favorites were The Newseum and The Phillips Collection Museum. The Newseum is great if you are interested in the United States history through the eyes of news outlets. I personally found it fascinating and loved to see the newspaper exhibits for all the different countries/states around the world. The Phillips Collection is one of my new favorite discoveries. It is more in the Georgetown area but is simply phenomenal. It has so much modern art which has peaked my interest lately. While it is definitely quaint (in a old historic house), it makes up for in art. Featuring artists such as Klee, Rothko (yes, he has his own room!), Davis, and Picasso, you are sure to find a few you enjoy. Finally, my third favorite thing to do happens to be in Georgetown and it’s just to walk the town. From the food to the shopping, it is hard not to enjoy this wonderful place. Some of my favorite places to eat is Chaia, Bibibop, Roti, and &pizza!

I hope this encourages you all to take a trip to Washington D.C./Georgetown. It has so much value and excitement on every corner! I’m counting down until the next time I head down there. Have a happy mid-week everyone and stay tuned for Friday’s post all about a new book review.

Quote of the Day:

“I am in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met” – anonymous.

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