What is on your bookshelf?

Happiest of Wednesday’s everyone!

Today I want to talk about what I purchase when I go to a bookstore. If you couldn’t already tell, I am a lover of books (aka an extreme bibliophile). One of my favorite things to do on a day off or when I just have some spare time is to go to a new bookstore I’ve never been to before. Depending on where you live there could be many different bookstores or like me, there’s only a few. In this case I still make my weekly trips to Barnes & Noble and other independently owned shops near where I live, however I enjoy going thrifting for books as well.

In the beginning I was very skeptical on whether or not I like the idea of buying used books. One of my favorite things of course is buying a new book and getting to go home and break it in myself. However, when I went to the thrift store and in particular looked for books, I found that there were so many that happened to be on my wish list and were only $1 to $3 dollars a piece. This amazed me to say the least. I couldn’t believe it… books that I had in my shopping cart or I had seen in a store for normally $10-30 dollars were now only $2! I decided that as long as the book was in pretty good condition that I could make the sacrifice to not only buying new books but also used ones.

This is been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my reading journey thus far. I have purchased books and brought them home to find receipts from many years ago to new bookmarks that I could add to my collection. My skepticality at the beginning has now turned to a new found love for new old books!

I also wanted to point out that even if you are not thrifting books, going to new bookstores you’ve never been to before has also been an experience that I continue to enjoy everyday. Recently I took a trip to the Strand bookstore in New York City. This bookstore is definitely a more well-known one in New York and I can see why. I spent a few hours there and still did not feel as though it were enough time to really see everything that this place has to offer (it would probably take days). Going to new places especially new bookstores give you a new perspective on the different books that there is to offer and maybe different selections you’ve never seen before. The Strand was great but there is so many others to see as well. Go find one!

I hope this inspires you all to go and see what you can find thrifting, or if you are still on the new book trend, trying a new bookstore near you! Happy reading!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

2 thoughts on “What is on your bookshelf?

  1. This was a great blog. I love used books. Esp paperbacks. So easy to read because already broken in.

    They are very cheap.
    What fun to hear your opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

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