Met Monday.

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am so excited to share with you all my latest museum trip! Recently I took a trip into New York City to go and visit the Met Museum.

If you’ve never been this museum is as good as it can get and probably the most popular amongst all of the ones New York (at least for tourists!). The museum is huge and in no way is it possible to get through everything in one day. However if you only have a certain amount of time I did go to a few exhibits that I found to be the most interesting for me and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I did. The first place we went to was the antiquities wing. Here, we get to learn about history all the way from Mesopotamia to the Egyptians. There’s even a para med that was taken from Egypt and put into this museum that is so phenomenal all and of itself that you can’t miss it (bear the line, it’s worth it!). There’s so much to see but once you have seen everything you want to you can MoveOn and I recommend going right up the ginormous stairs and beginning your journey through the 19th century classics. This is of course my favorites five because this is where you get to see all of the van Gogh pieces, Cézanne, Monet, and so many more! It is fantastic and probably the busiest place and the museum for right reason. I could spend hours just this one section alone but I also do enjoy continuing on looking through the museum and going to the room of the sculptures and seeing Rodin’s work. It is quite incredible when you really think about all this history and art at our fingertips, creating things I would never be able to dream of doing. There is so much to say about this easy but the number one thing to take out of this post is to make time and go see it. It is free admission, you pay the amount that you wish to pay to get in and you can stay the whole entire day. It’s also perfect to go now because the weather so I haven’t convince you enough… GO!

Please let me know in the comments if you have then or planning to go I would love to know some of your favorite exhibits for the next time I venture off there. Have a great start to the week friends and remember, always stay culturally enriched, it’s the best education you can receive.

2 thoughts on “Met Monday.

  1. Love love that museum. It is the best.
    Love the art. Things you have seen all your life and you see in person. Thx for the reminder.
    Will go in June when we are there. Prudy

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