Reading about Resistance

Happy Friday friends! I do apologize about the crazy posting schedule not being on it’s usual routine. School is just starting to kick in which means exams, exams, and oh yes exams!!

Today I am talking about my latest reading; Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway. This book was introduced to me in a Science, Tehnology, and Society lecture and I was immediately intrigued. The book itself is even better than the title (which I found to be very grabbing). The book has seven chapters including an introduction, conclusion, and epilogue. Each chapter talks about a different subject of importance regarding topics anywhere from tobacco’s effect on the human body, to the ozone hole on our planet. My favorite thing about the book was Helen four minutes it was instead of seeking out to scare the reader. I have read my fair share of articles regarding climate change and the effects it could potential he have and at the end most the time I wish to try and forget what I read immediately afterwards (there is some scary stuff out there!). This book was very different and that each chapter discussed what is at stake but as well going into depth about a group of scientist who try to refute it all. The book not only taught me so much about the world that we live in it as well the power of knowledge. I don’t want to spoil the book to much but I do recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn something so beneficial to the time period we’re in. It is a short read; only about 275 pages in which every page is a page turner!

I hope you all are enjoying these book reviews every Friday as much as I am. I am also going to be posting so this week there will not only be Friday post but on Monday and Wednesday as well (as there usually is).

4 thoughts on “Reading about Resistance

  1. A book I return to over and over is Freakanomics. It’s about how the world really works financially. You can read a chapter, put it down and read another a couple of months later.

    Keep reading! Papa

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