Poor Defoe, here comes your Review.

Happy Friday friends! Today I’m coming at you with yet again another book review. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe wins the book of the year for most surprising and most enjoyable read. Being skeptical about this book in he boginning, I now can say it is a must-read for 2018.

18-year-old Robinson Crusoe has no idea what he wants with his life, but he does know it’s not what his father plans for him which is to live right in the middle-class rank and never seek adventure. When opportunity awaits him he runs with it and after getting in all sorts of different adventures and expeditions he ends up stuck on an island… for 28 years (you heard me correctly). Without giving too much away, I feel this work speaks for itself in volumes that cannot be understood until you open up the first page. It is comical, good-feeling, and pure good writing. You’ll sympathize with Crusoe at times, and at others wish he’d stay on the island by himself for eternity.

Another awesome aspect about this novel is that if you go on and purchase it at a Barnes & Noble, it’s in the Classic section that being only five dollars a book. Really, Daniel Defoe and I are giving you no other reasons not to pick this up! Let me know if you do end up purchasing it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Quote of the Day:

“It’s never to late to be wise”.

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