Find your Inner Adventurer

Happy Friday everyone! As my break from university is coming to an end, my inner adventurous side is coming out. While I definitely consider myself as someone who loves to just hang out on the couch and watch movies and read, going to new places and exploring is where I thrive. Today’s adventure spot: The Hampton’s. While this may seem like an odd spot to venture to in the winter rather then the typical hot spot of the summer, I love the peace and quiet during these colder months. From the quaint boutiques to the mouth-watering food, you can’t not enjoy these towns. My top go-to’s when visiting would be as followed:

Food: Hampton Chutney & The Golden Pear

Shops: BookHampton LLC & Love Adorned & Innersleeve Records

Museums: Parrish Museum of Art

(This museum is fantastic! Not only is it free admission for students, but the exhibits and architecture is something not to miss)

Coffee Shops: Jack’s Coffee

These are just a few of the places I stopped into on my last trip to the Hamptons. There is so many different designers, beaches, and overall places to see when coming here. Keeping an open mind and trying new things might suprise you with new adventures and places you find along the way.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl Sagan

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