Confiding the truths of Confidence.

Happy Friday my SheBeShe readers.  Today I want to talk about a topic a bit heavier than I usually post on my blog; confidence.  Confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.  This is a characteristic I see time and again that people have a lack of.  In this day and age, I see all too often, people neglecting to remember how important it is to feel the power of YOU!  Each and every one of us has a story worth telling and a life worth living.  It is time to conquer your inner-confidence and let it shine!

I have gone through many periods in my life where I needed to take this advice, to grasp my special qualities and realize what an asset I am to this world.  Over the years I have begun to see just what makes me, me.  Trying to fit in with the latest trends, being aesthetically pleasing to others in regards to fashion, health, etc. and worrying so much about how you come across to others is no way to live your life.  I remember back when I was in high school a few years ago, my outfit and makeup situation every morning before heading off consumed me.  I was so concerned that I looked “too big” or I didn’t have “enough makeup on”.  I neglected to see what was really important; what was on the inside.  This old cliché while sometimes might sound like a broken record, holds great meaning for any age group of people.  Whether it is what you wear to high school, a brand new job interview, to your ability to play sports, confidence has the ability to help us or inevitably hurt us.

I am by no means the most confident person out there (not even close).  Recently, however, I have come up with different exercises and ways to make myself feel good that I have begun to notice a change in myself and my confidence without intention;

  1. Do things you love.  Nothing is going to bring out that confident side of you quicker than doing something you thoroughly enjoy.  Personally, I love to travel, go to museums, and explore new places such as coffee shops, bookstores, etc.  Doing these types of activities brings out a euphoric side of me, bringing out my inner-confidence represented in the things that I love.
  2. Help yourself.  For me, this would be anything from taking 10 minutes to meditate every day, to a seven-minute workout on an app on my phone.  I feel it is a common phenomenon for people all over to feel more confident when they like how they look.  We all remember that time you looked at yourself in the mirror at home, out shopping, or at a dinner and said: “dam, I look sharp”.  Imagine feeling that way every day?  Yes, we all will have those days that we just want to lay in bed and veg out.  Doing things such as eating cleaner, exercising, and centering yourself can tremendously improve your overall health and in effect your confidence as well.
  3. Surround yourself with positivity.  This is vital in maintaining overall confidence in oneself.  If you are surrounding yourself with people who are only bringing you down, comparing themselves or even you with other people, tend to be more negatively centered… LEAVE.  Sometimes we have to step back and analyze the situation were in.  This has been the sole factor in my confidence success over the years.  No longer allowing myself to be around people who do not benefit me nor bring out the best side of me has greatly improved my quality of life as well as the confidence to be myself.
  4. Smile.  It makes a difference.

Comparing can ultimately be confused with confidence.  Especially in my generation, I see it all the time.  We need to stand together, realizing and cultivating the power of oneself and work towards a more power-confident society.  So, the next time you are picking out your outfit for school, going into a job interview or stepping up to bat for a test on your abilities remember, “because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others.  Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her” – Lao Tzu.

2 thoughts on “Confiding the truths of Confidence.

  1. 1. You have a smile that can get you through anything!
    2. Send me the name of the app with the workout you mentioned.
    3. You come from a line of very confident people. Confidence is something you have to nurture. You have atarted. It will grow.

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