Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Happy Wednesday all.  Suprise surprise, another posting about reading.  Today I am going to discuss a different, possibly more desirable way for some, to get their daily dose of reading in.

Magazines and newspapers.  While I have made it fairly evident I am fond of reading (and by fond I mean utterly obsessed at this point in my life), magazines and more recently the newspaper has become something I find myself enjoying as well.  It is extremely difficult for me to read more than one novel at a time.  I do try (as I am right now) to read a novel as well a book of poetry, art, etc. to keep myself busy.   In addition to that, we all enjoy to put the book down and partake in something other than that one novel on an everyday basis.  This is where magazines and newspapers come in.  Over the past few months, I have begun to do some research and have come across a few different sources of information I’d like to share with you in hopes of giving off some inspiration into the world of digital and print news.  There is also more good news if you are a student because some of the sources I will mention do have student deals as well.

These four are some of my newly discovered favorites.  The New York Times is, well, The New York Times.  While it does tend to lean more on the left of the political spectrum it gives great insight into what is going on in the world so you have a broad sense of knowledge and understanding about all topics of importance to date.  Another great aspect of the NYT’s is that they do have a student deal.  It varies depending on the way you wish to receive it (online only, online and doorstep delivery, etc.).  The digital-only method is right now only one dollar per week.  You just have to spend a little over $50 to get all the information you need at the one place my generation needs to have it readily available, our phones.  The New Yorker has become a new favorite of mine.  It is well known for its recognizable covers on every issue.  I had the opportunity to buy a subscription to this magazine, six dollars for twelve weeks.  The New Yorker is an artsy, informative, and simple way to learn about what is going on in the world from the arts to our president.  There’re numerous short articles to read about regarding an array of topics as well as diverse places to try in New York.  For instance, there is a bar known as Oscar Wilde in NYC that offers drinks and food that are unique and as crazy-fun as he was.  After I enjoy the two above mentioned readings I want a break.  What better way than one that involves women empowerment with the occasional mix of photography, art, and fashion?  Darling Magazine and Kinfolk Magazine are two magazines I am disappointed I have only just recently discovered.  While the two are more on the pricey side (around $20-25 per issue), the two are beautifully polished, well-made, and thick enough that it could take you the allotted time to read just one issue in time for the next one to be sent to you.  I have purchased a few of the Darling magazine issues and am looking forward to purchasing one from Kinfolk.  They are what I like to think of as “my enjoyable, knowledgeable adult magazines for an adult woman”.  Why I give them this name is because unlike other magazines I used to invest my time in reading, these will actually give me something of value once finished reading them, power and knowledge.

I hope this post inspired you to go out and purchase your own magazine or local newspaper.  There is nothing grander then flipping to the final page only to find out how much you have absorbed and grasped.  Have a great rest of the week everyone and remember, “the more you read the more things you know, and the more that you learn the more places you will go”, Dr. Seuss.

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