The Occasional Espresso Buzz

Well, my SheBeShe readers a new week is upon us.  I always loved Monday’s and never quite understood why all those t-shirts and coffee cups were made saying how horrible this day of the week was.  I think Monday’s are a fresh start, a day to begin your week well.  That all being said I want to share with you all one of my favorite things to do on Monday (and pretty much every other day of the week), drink a fresh cup of coffee.

Coffee: a drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seeds of a tropical shrub, served hot or iced.  My definition would be something more along the lines of… Coffee: the drink that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  Whichever definition you like will be sufficient.  While coffee doesn’t wake me up, keep me up at night, or get me through a particular day, it does make me feel good.  I was always curious as to why this is.  Is it all in my head?  Do I actually feel better drinking it? After doing some research on this question I found out a few things.  One, coffee contains dopamine.  This is an organic chemical that can release feelings of both euphoria and pleasantry.  Another chemical that starts moving and grooving after that first cup of Joe in the morning is glutamate.  This chemical in your body works similarly to dopamine providing you with that feel-good feeling.

Now that we are finished discussing our science lesson of the day let’s talk about the “good stuff”; types of coffee.  Personally, I enjoy very milky coffees.  Lattes are my favorite if you could not already tell from the title.  If I am making my way to Starbucks the hot latte, or iced vanilla latte are my go-to’s.  I also enjoy the iced chai tea as well.  Starbucks, in my opinion, has much stronger coffee than some other places I have tried.  Peet’s Coffee, Duken Doughnuts, and other quaint coffee shops seem to have coffee that is not as rich and strong flavored.  If I go to a Dunken Doughnuts, the iced coffee with hazelnut and extra cream is great!  Whenever I do decide to splurge on a coffee those are the two places I choose to go too.

For anyone who isn’t a coffee-drinker (try it a few times, you’ll begin to acquire a taste), tea is something I enjoy as well (I mentioned earlier with my chai tea order at Starbucks).  Teavana is a favorite of mine and has some of the best tea and is a unique experience all on its own.  You get to go in a try a variety of the teas they have to sample and then order your own.  While Teavana is actually looking to minimize to only Starbucks stores this could still be an option if you are quenching for a little bit of caffeine and don’t enjoy coffee.  My favorites are the Pumpkin Spice Brulee and Beach Bellini.

My last suggestion for all my coffee and/or tea lovers has to do with saving some money.  In 2018, one of my many resolutions is to save money.  In doing this I have to cut back on how many times I get to go out and get a coffee.  Over the past year, I have purchased a Teavana tea as well as received a Starbucks Verismo.  Both of these help tremendously because I don’t feel a need to go out and purchase a coffee, I just have to walk downstairs.  For the Starbucks Verismo, I get to choose options from Starbucks themselves and for my Teavana likewise.

I hope you all enjoyed this posting on coffee and a bit of tea as well.  The two, especially coffee are some of my favorite things to partake in when going out with friends, family, and occasionally by myself as a study spot and independent work environment.  Have an espresso-feeling type of week and I’ll be back Wednesday for another posting!


References to articles I have used in my studies about coffee intake and it’s correlation to happiness:

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