Brrrrr… A Winter Wonderland

“He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in the winter”, John Burroughs.  It looks like I am not the only one hunkered down for this snow day.  Winter for me has only been a close second, right after fall for favorite seasons.  I always loved the first big snowstorm of the year.  Usually, in January it always acted for me as somewhat of a catch-up day.  I had the opportunity to sleep in, watch TV all day, and sit on my computer.  WRONG! Snow days have always left a plethora of opportunities for a productive day.

The first thing I always do is wake up early.  Lucky for me this comes pretty easy.  I love to wake up all warm and toasty in bed and just stare out my window at the sight of crisp white new fallen snow.  Next of course as per my usual morning routine, I will read for 30-45 minutes.  I feel this is the best way to get my day started instead of staring at my phone checking social media.  It allows my brain to slowly get acquainted with my surroundings and learn something new.  Now let’s get into the important subject… food!  For breakfast on a cold, sitting by the fire type of day oatmeal is my favorite.  The toppings are endless and I enjoy switching it up every once in a while so I will not get bored of having the same thing every day.  Another food-related enjoyment I make is a juice.  I love to have an earthy smoothie to counteract the sweet warm oatmeal.  My days usually change depending on what I need to get done but I want to share some of my favorite things to do on a day that you are snowed in;

  1. Read.  I am sure if you read my last post you would’ve never seen this one coming.  Reading by the window or the fireplace is one of the moments that I am at my most content.  I love to periodically look out to see the snow falling and the warm air from the furnace rising to fog the windows.  I have also added a book to my What is on my Nightstand section of the blog all about poetry.  I find poetry to be the most intriguing to read in certain weather, snow being one of them.
  2. Play Board Games.  In my family, it is somewhat of a tradition that we must play at least one board game during a snowfall.  We love the games Rummikub, Yahtzee, and Monopoly.  Puzzles, as well as card games, are great pastimes as well.  My family usually ends up getting super competitive and playing three or four rounds of whatever the game we are in the middle of playing is.
  3.  Movie Marathon.  Again this one may seem like an obvious but watching classic movies is one of my most favorite things to do when I don’t have other obligations to complete.  I love to watch old movies and classics that maybe not everyone my age watches.  Some favorites that come to mind would be; Scent of a Woman, Dead Poet Society, A Few Good Men, and my ultimate favorite, Good Will Hunting.  This is also a great activity to do with family.  Not only will you enjoy seeing the films for the first time, but your parents will as well.

I am looking forward to spending the rest of my day doing all three of these things (I have already done two out of the three thus far) and spend time with family.  Be sure to let me know anything you enjoy doing when you’re stuck inside the house for the day!  Happy Friday all my SheBeShe readers, go build a snowman!

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