Starting 2018 Right… Let’s Travel

Hello, my fellow SheBeShe readers.  2017 has taught me so much.  I am so appreciative and humbled by the experiences I have encountered and lessons I have learned, in particular about myself.  This year I want to do things a bit different on my blog.  I am excited to announce I will be launching new and improved SheBeShe posts.  I am looking forward to having this blog grow as I continue to throughout the coming years.  I have found so many new hobbies and enjoyments that have sparked my interest that I cannot wait to share with all of you.  This year is going to be the year of SheBeShe!

To begin this year’s posts, I figured, let’s talk about something that will probably never change, my emphatic love for travel.  This Christmas break I made my way to Oklahoma. A place I have been too often, always finding new surprises after each visit.  I began the trip in a small, cozy city called Lawton.  Lawton took me by surprise… it usually does.  In a town that is relatively small and lacking anything to do, I ended up enjoying the landscape and food here than the other city I had stayed in.  I think it is important no matter where you travel, to find the best parts of each place.  In Lawton, it was Ann’s.  Ann’s is a quaint, dive that not only had delicious food but the best coffee I have tried thus far in my coffee-addict journey.  After being in Lawton it was time for the next stop, Oklahoma City.  By no means am I saying Oklahoma is the be-all-end-all of cuisine;  It does, however, have the best ice cream.  Braum’s is a local ice cream, grocery, and fast-food shop all in one.  Now if this doesn’t scream the epitome of southern life, I’m not quite sure what does.  The highlight of my trip had to be downtown OKC.  This is such an up and coming focal point of this state as we know it.  It also happens to be the home of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, which I had the chance to go to.  After attending the game I can safely say I have never quite seen fans such as these.  The game was great, the people even greater.  If basketball doesn’t suit your fancy (how can it not!?), there is always the plethora of shopping downtown.  I stopped at a darling store called Plenty that I would’ve spent days in exploring.  Some of the pictures I have included show some of the treasures I found at this store.  This was only one of many shops downtown has to offer.  There truly is no place quite like Oklahoma.  It is a unique travel spot that might surprise a few New Yorkers such as myself when to their disbelief they see that it isn’t all farmland and horses (which they’re plenty of too!).  My trip lasted a week and I look forward to the next time I can come and visit again.

Before this travel post comes to an end I want to share two travel tips that I found helped me on this trip.  The first would be to bring a book.  This might seem like an obvious one, and something many probably do, however, I have found the best time to get my daily reading in would be when I am on a plane.  Sometimes we get so busy in our daily lives we don’t make the time for something as important as reading.  These past few months I have become quite the bibliophile and I can’t imagine traveling without a book or two.  My second tip is for all my anxious flyers.  You aren’t alone.  I get major travel anxiety, especially when taking off and I have found something that has helped relieve that stress and anxiety.  Coloring.  Yes, I am bringing you back to your more youthful years.  Coloring has become somewhat of a therapeutic hobby of mine and a great distraction for me when anxiety hits.  I picked up a Parisian one and now taking off is more of a happy memory of my last trip and a way to let my creativity thrive.

I cannot wait to share more posts of all my journies, hobbies, and anything else that encompasses my life.  Be sure to stay tuned, I will be (trying!) to post in accordance with my original schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.  Happy 2018 to all!

A new favorite hobby.
Anything French is something I must take part in.
The best peanut butter cookies in Lawton.
Plenty shop finds.
Plenty shop finds.
Plenty kid corner.
the biggest biscuits and the best cup of coffee.
Featuring the best cup of coffee.
Go Thunder!
A good game.
Airport snacks.

4 thoughts on “Starting 2018 Right… Let’s Travel

  1. The best blog ever. From Lawton, Oklahoma to Paris
    On every shop, restraurant , and every experience you mentioned.
    Thanks for the blog.
    Loved the pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Best blog ever. From Lawton, Oklahoma to Paris,
    France. What could be better and so diverse. Love it.
    Loved every shop, restraurant,and experience you mentioned.
    Thx for pictures.
    Loved the blog.


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