Walking through a Museum Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I want to share one of my favorite things to do on a day off. I love to go to different museums in different cities and see new things I’ve never seen before. I have a passion for learning and museums are one of my favorite things to do and to see to quench that desire. One museum that I really enjoyed and surprised me was the Newseum in Washington DC. I’m more of an art museum type of girl however this one totally changed my point of view. They had a special going on for JFK‘s one hundredth birthday if he were still alive, and it was all different portraits and blurbs about him and his presidency. This combined my two favorite things… museums and history. If you’re not in the Washington DC area however there are plenty of other great museums. The MOMA and the Guggenheim in NYC still have my heart and are my two of my favorites. If I had to pick just one museum to be my ultimate #1 however it would have to be the Louvre in Paris, France. I think it’s so special that wherever you are in the world there’s always going to be a little part of history that you can learn about. Museums take me to a place I’ve never been to before, a different era in time when you almost can see yourself in that exact moment. There’re definitely are more museums I have yet to see and if you have any you really enjoyed please let me know in the comments. I thought since it is getting colder, at least where I am this is the perfect weather to go and visit a museum. Have a happy Wednesday friends and be sure to learn something today.

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