Boston on a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I want to share with you all my most recent trip to Boston. This city has it all and that is coming from a New Yorker! From the 50 cent food markets to the vast amount of stationary stores, this place was right up my alley. I stayed in Cambridge which was my favorite part of the trip. I loved the quietness and quaintness that surrounded this place yet still just a 10 minute drive to the heart of Boston. In Boston you have to go to Boston Commons. It is such a lively place full of fresh faces and gelato that’ll make you want to talk about when the next time you are going to get some during the remainder of the trip! My favorite part had to be visiting all the different schools in the two areas. I may be partial since I am planning on transferring schools soon but still they are all so beautiful and this is the perfect time to check them out. I hope you all enjoyed finding out a little bit more about one of my new favorite cities! Have you ever been to Boston? Cambridge? Let me know!

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