Falling for Wednesday’s

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I want to quickly share one of my new favorite activities to do in the fall time… Pumpkin picking! Yes this may be an obvious one but it’s something I have yet to do until this year! I had so much fun just walking around the pumpkin patch and thought it was an appropriate post givin the cooler weather, and changing leaves! What is one of your favorite fall activities? I would love to hear some more to try! Apple picking is definitely on the top of my to-do list.

5 thoughts on “Falling for Wednesday’s

  1. Love the pumpkin patch.
    So fun to get just the right one.
    Doing that this weekend.
    Also I like to mix corn candy and peanuts.
    Fun to serve when entertaining and a big hit with all. Thx. Prudy

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  2. Mullberrys
    Pecans at my Uncle Charlie’s house
    And my all time favorite…picking peaches with my grandpa.

    I stole watermelons with my cousin Paula…does that count?

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