Making it quick on Monday’s

Happy Monday friends! Today I want to share with you another favorite of mine on my latest trip to Washington D.C. (Can you tell I’m obsessed?!). Peet’s Coffee. There are many locations of this adorable coffee shop (including one in my home state of New York), but I had yet to give it a try. I stopped in to the one in Georgetown and fell in love with the kind people and lovely atomosphere. You order your food in the downstairs area and then walk up to an almost attic-like upstairs with seating and the aroma of coffee. The prices are beyond reasonable, and I am a sucker for any coffee shop who makes a design (in this case a heart) in my latte. One of my favorite parts was seeing all the college students sipping their coffee, doing homework on the quiet Sunday morning. It reminded me so much of myself and made me enjoy the overall experience even more so. I tried their pumpkin spice latte which was delicious as well as their sun-dried tomato frittata, and egg sandwich. It was delicious. I highly recommend this breakfast spot for a quick on the go delicious meal! If you have ever been to Peet’s let me know in the comments… I’d love to know what to get next time I stop in to one closer to my home! Have a great week friends and be sure to get in the fall spirit (finally!)

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