Washington D.C. has my heart Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! As you may have guessed, today’s topic is all about Washington D.C and the Georgetown area. As you saw on Monday’s post I had some of the best food in these two areas. The culture in this part of the United States is something everyone needs to experience. Whether it’s going out and seeing all of the different people working in such a inspiring place to have a job in, or just wanting to go to every free Smithsonian museum, this is the place to be. I went for three days and wanted to stay for three years! I got the chance to check out George Washington and Georgetown University as well and neither disappoint. I recommend going to as many museums as possible. I went to the Newseam for the first time and it was incredible! I also recommend going to the Capitol building and going through the tunnel to the Thomas Jefferson Library. It is incredible. Finally my favorite part of the trip. I went on this trip with my mom and every night we would go to the Lincoln Memorial and sit in our little isolated section and look out at the sunset on the Washington Monument and Capitol Building. It is incredible how amazing one area of the world can be when you really think about it and everything that is going on around you. This trip as you probably gathered was amazing. From trying different local’s restaurants to walking 10 miles everyday, defineltly make the time to see this wonderful place.

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