Fallin for this Fashion Trend

Happy Friday friends! Today is fashion day! I want to share with you all a go-to outfit for me that scream “I am ready for fall although it is still 80 degrees out”. I will start with my accessories. For my glasses these are a pair I purchased from TJ Maxx. I love these glasses and they are the brand Steve Madden. TJ Maxx is the best for getting amazing deals. I have had these glasses for sometime now and they have lasted amazingly. Plus they were only $15. For my jewelry I just have on some pieces I picked up from a local boutique. Any long necklaces and dainty bracelets will do! For my shirt, this one is an old favorite from Anthropologie. I love it because it is a thick material and also perfect for layering once it gets a bit cooler out. For my pants these are a staple. I wear these all year-long but love them especially for the fall season. They are boyfriend style, so they fit loosely and comfortable. I also really like the detailing on the patches. The colors scream cold weather! For my shoes, you all know about these. I love these slides. They are from Kenneth Cole and are the perfect color for that transition into fall. I also enjoy the fact that they are suede because I think that it gives them more of a fall feel. My bag is my favorite part of this outfit and it is finally time I bring it out for the season. I purchased this bad boy last year in Washington D.C and still one year later, it is my favorite handbag I own. It is from Burberry and with the combination of the pebble black leather, to the canvas original Burberry colors, it will always have a special place in my wardrobe! I hope you all enjoyed this post, and hopefully we will be getting some cooler weather soon so more FALL!


Top: Free People

(This one from Free People is very similar, Anthro no longer carries the one I am wearing)

Pants: Abercrombie

(These are a similar wash and look I was able to find, minus the patches… they sold out of mine)

Sunglasses: Steve Madden

Jewelry: (Any jewelry will work that you may have lying around in your closet)

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Burberry

(Same bag, price, etc. just this one is more of a stiff design with smooth leather)

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