Juicing is the New Workout on Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday friends! As promised today I am going to be going in-depth all about the health benefits of juicing, in particular Pure Green juices. I have been a fan for quite some time now of the array of pressed juices out there. After trying all of Pure Green’s juices however, I realized that maybe there is something more to this popular trend. I began researching and have realized just how important adding these essentail’s to your everyday life could be. One thing that fascinated me about Pure Green is the story behind what they stand for. They focus on the individual and what will help benefit them the most based on various health conditions, body types, and overall dedication of the individual. Unlike other juice bars, they want to encourage you to become the healthiest version of yourself, and with anything is possible. I want to share with you all some of my favorite juices I had the chance to try, in addition to why I enjoyed them so much more after finding out all the health benefits to each one.

  1. Pure Greens with Apple, Lemon, Ginger

If you are into green juices, this one is perfect. It has kale, cucumber, celery, zucchini, romaine, apple, lemon, and ginger. At first this may sound a bit to green for you. What surprised me however was how overwhelming the apple was and how prevalent the ginger and lemon were, that the taste of all those veggies vanished. Not only is this the tastiest green juice I have tried, but it also has so many health factors. To start it is great for digestive purposes. Ginger is a key factor that contributes to this. This juice is also great for supporting healthy immune functions and building your everyday energy. I had this one to start off my morning and it not only kept me full all day long, but gave me that boost of energy that I would usually look for in a coffee drink.

2. Soul Kick

This was my favorite juice that I ended up trying. It tasted almost like a juice and I felt so light and ready to go afterwards. It has apple, pineapple, lemon, and ginger and is perfect for a hot day running around, or a post-workout snack. Since this one as well contains ginger it works perfectly for digestion and stomach toning. This juice is also great for vitamin and mineral intake and support healthy immune system.

3. Wake up Call

This juice is a close second behind Soul Kick. It is so perfect for a pre-workout or just like the name, a wake up drink! It contains apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne. I love ginger and cayenne together so this one is right up my alley. It is great for reducing blood sugar and keep all your cholesterol levels in check. It also can aid in weight loss and balancing your body’s PH levels. This drink has so many health benefits as you can see, yet tastes so delicious! It amazes me how all these little things that we can do for our bodies, can make such a difference in the long run.

4. Active Charcoal

This is the last pressed juice I want to share with you all. I learned while at Pure Green sampling all of these that this is a great juice to have towards the end of your day (if you are participating in a juice cleanse). I happened to have it just because I enjoyed the taste. It reminded me of a healthier lemonade. It contains activated coconut, charcoal, ginger, lemon, agave, and filtered water. It sounds like a handful however once you begin to drink it you almost automatically feel your body internally cleansing itself. It is great for detoxifying, digestion purposes, and helping lower cholesterol. I thought this was great for me personally who has always struggled with my stomach. I woke up the next morning instantly feeling less bloated and more toned…it is crazy a juice can do all of that!

I hope you all enjoyed this little information sesh all about why I love juicing and the impact it has had on my life. Stick around for Friday’s fashion post to see what I am loving this fall!

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