Walking around Greece Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I want to throw it back to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I know I have brushed upon my trip to Greece but figured today I could go in detail about why I fell in love with this country! Somehow these magical islands look even better in person than the pictures (I know hard to believe). Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, there’s something new to be discovered and desired. I never thought I would like white buildings and blue roofs so much until I came here. I had the opportunity to first go to Santorini and then travel to Mykonos. Both are equally beautiful in their own way. To start Santorini is the most authentic, beautiful island I’ve ever been to. The whole experience just getting up to the actual island was a memory of itself. The people, the food, and the handmade jewelry was out of this world. I had the opportunity to get my feet cleaned by fish, this being the craziest experience I’ve ever had. This is something that other countries do as well, that I found unique considering it was my first time in Greece and I had the chance to do it. Although there is a lot of tourism you can escape into your own little parts and fall in love with the culture aspect here. Next on to Mykonos. This island was a bit different in that it was all flat and you could pretty much get lost on any street you walk on. I have a fun fact for you all… back when there used to be a greater existence of pirates, they would love coming to this Island because it was so easy to hide themselves and not let the locals find them when they would try to steal their belongings. I got lost countless times however that was probably my favorite part of this amazing place. It is still mind-boggling to me how people can just live here every day. It’s beauty and culture are like no other. You walk on the island and instantly feel like you are home. I wanted to share this trip I went on with you all because I thought it would be a perfect way to end the summer travel. Although we all love a good summer vacation… to me nothing beats fall!

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