The Sunday Read

Happy Sunday friends! Today I want to share with you all a new pastime I have come to enjoy this summer. Going to thrift/vintage shops has become something I am always searching for. My favorite part? The fact that although they are all known as either thrift stores or a vintage shops, no store will ever be the same nor carry the same products. It’s like a new adventure awaiting you everytime you walk in! The one I’m featuring I found in my hometown of Long Island NY. I have to say this one in particular was one of the most odd, capturing, fantastic one’s I’ve been to yet! I don’t think I have ever learned so much about history, people, and their old stuff just by shopping in any ordinary store! I have found so many unique pieces I have around my place at home and I think my favorite part is that it is rare anyone else will ever have exactly what you do! I have been to my fair share of these type of stores and I can’t recommend it enough, especially during this end of summer period! If you want good deals, good people, and some good laughs, definitely try one in your area.. you are sure not to be let down on a deal!

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