Walking around the NYC Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! For today’s travel post I kept it close to home. That’s right, I’m talking about New York. Being able to live here you would think I’d get used to this amazing city.  I actually fall in love with it over and over again everyday that I am here. One of my favorite things to do when I am in the city is to explore.  I want to share with you all one of my favorite places to go when I just want a day of good eating and at times, a lot of tourists as well. It is no wonder that everyone who is visiting comes here though, it has so much to offer.  Now if you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center.  Although I am a sucker for these two places during Christmas time (I mean who isn’t…) I still love to come during the summer months. The food in Bryant Park is insane. Once you enter into the park they’re so many choices. From the numerous food stands to the 100 different gelato flavors, you really can’t go wrong eating here. Another aspect about this park that I love is all the trees. It was about 85 degrees when I was here yet it felt like 70 under the trees. It is a nice place to cool off, sit down (they have plenty of seating), and take a moment to look at all the awesome pictures you have taken so far. There is also the beautiful New York Public Library.  I could easily spend the whole day in this place if given the choice. It is huge and has so much history in it you just want to walk every square foot of it. Once you are done in the park, Rockefeller Center is only a few short blocks away. I love to walk on Fifth Ave to get there because of all the retail damage I can get done. From Anthropologie to Sephora, they have it all. One beauty that no matter how many times I see it, I still have to take a picture of is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is truly breathtaking and also open to the public. All the beautiful architecture inside and out is something not to miss. Once you get to where normally the huge Christmas tree would be, you know you’ve reached the heart of Rockefeller Center. When I was there they were having a huge farmers market, handing out samples and goodies that you can simply not pass up on. My favorite part about this area would have to be the tourists. I know, sounds strange right? I love seeing people appreciating the beauty of New York City.  Asking for pictures to be taken, the amazement of looking how high the buildings actually are. I think I could sit there all day and just people watch. This is one of my favorite areas of New York and if you have ever been you would understand why. I hope you all enjoyed and be sure to let me know if you want to see more of my favorite spots in the city. Have a happy rest of the week and be sure to stick around for Friday’s fashion post!

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