Happy Friday friends! Today’s outfit of choice was definitely one of the better decisions I made this week. It was a hot one here in New York and my outfit was just the right mix of comfort and style to help me make it all day. To start I don’t think I have to explain my sunglasses. You all have seen them in numerous posts (I really just love these glasses). For my shirt, I wanted something that would work with the overalls. I went for this top because it was just the right mix of fashion, but also was more of a boxy cut which is my favorite to wear on hotter days. My overalls I have had for years. I don’t wear them as much as I thought I would when I initially purchased them, but I make up for it when I do pull them out for an OOTD!…”outfit of the day” (if I do say so myself). They don’t stretch which has to be the best part about them. For my shoes I went strictly for comfort. These bad boys are from Steve Madden and although I have seen so many people wear these (I like to try and keep my style original), I can’t say I blame them.  These are some of the more comfortable pairs of shoes I own. For my bag I went for another staple that was shown in a previous post (For The Love Of Handbags Friday). The strap on it doesn’t kill me by the end of the day and it fits the most out of all of my other crossbody bags. This outfit was perfect for a day out and about in the city. I did so much back to school shopping so be sure to stick around for Sunday’s post all about school! Have a fabulous weekend friends!

P.S. A post all about what I did in the city this trip will be up Wednesday!!

What I’m Wearing: (Click the store to buy what I’m wearing!)

Top: Zara (Similar to the one I am wearing but they no longer have my exact one!)

Overalls: Hollister Co (Same pair just different color denim)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Chanel

Sunglasses: MCM



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