Monday Munches

Happy Monday friends!  Today I want to share with you all one of my absolute favorite healthy spots to go to whenever I’m craving a salad!  Chop’t is so good and it is also not a local restaurant.  I want to give you all a place that you can try too and Chop’t has so many other locations as well.  If you live in New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, or DC area check this place out!  My favorite part about this restaurant is the destination salads.  They change every 60 days and are based on different cultures and places around the globe.  They also just recently came out with soup and salad combos that are so delicious it’s what I had to try when I came here the other day.  The soup was a warm italian vegetable and my salad was the mexicali vegan.  Both were a hit and I ate it all up.  I love finding new healthy spots to eat, where afterwards I feel really good about what I just put into my body!  What is a place you like to go that has a healthy menu to choose from?  Let me know!  Be sure to stay tuned for Wednesday’s post all about my favorite traveling outfits!

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