Stay in the Handbag Sunday

Happy Sunday friends! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite videos to watch on youtube…what is in my purse! I love to watch these videos and see what everyone else has, maybe adding something to my handbag every now and then. This summer I’ve been loving carrying around all different bags. The one I gravitate towards however would have to be this one. The colors scream summer, especially once I added this twilly on it (I like to switch out twillys every now and then depending on the season). Inside the bag is my favorite part and one of the main reasons I was so attracted to buying it. I love the setup. It divides perfectly so I have two separate areas to store everything I need. On one side I have my wallet. This comes with me pretty much anywhere I go. In the side pocket on this side of the bag I have my card holder, some gum, my coin pouch, and my phone (when it isn’t in my hand). I was unsure how practical it would be to have a card holder in addition to a wallet, but I cannot tell you how happy I am with my purchase. It comes in handy when I am on the go, and just need to grab a credit card instead of my whole bag. On the other side of the bag I have everything else I could possibly need. First I have my makeup bag. I try not to carry any more than I need in this pouch. I usually have some blotting pads, powder, perfume, lotion, and an assortment of lip gloss. I am that person who likes to touch up during the day so this pouch is a total necessity for me, even though it does take up the most room in my handbag. Next on this side of my handbag I would normally just have my car keys. Since my makeup bag takes up most of this side, I don’t like to over-stuff and ruin the shape of the bag. Lastly we have the middle section of my bag (can you tell I love organization and everything having a place?). In this pocket I just keep anything that may not have an exact “spot”.  I have a pair of headphones, some minty breath strips, my voodoo doll (I received from a restaurant I tried), and my mophi phone charger. My phone can run out of battery pretty quick sometimes and I love to have this with me on days that I’m not sure how long I’ll be out for. We have now hit the end of the road in this post.  You all have offically seen everything in my bag! It is pretty simple and straightforward but that is how I like it. I am definitely not one of the girls that I watch online who have a million receipts and a burger in their bag (even though I love to watch those videos)! I keep it me. Have a happy Sunday friends, and let me know one item you keep in your handbag!

What I Mentioned:

Handbag: Fendi

Twilly: Fendi

Wallet: Louis Vuitton

Makeup Bag: Longchamp

Lipgloss: Chanel

Card Holder: Gucci

Headphones: Beats

(Everything mentioned was purchases by me with my own money!)

FullSizeRender 8


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