I “See” Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday my fashion lovers! Today I want to talk about an accessory that I wear on the daily… SUNGLASSES! I am the sunglasses queen, and tend to wear them more for fashion than what they were actually designed for (keeping the sun out)! I had to narrow down my collection to the top six that I have been wearing the most this season. All of these are really comfortable, which is super important for me. I know I have purchased certain pairs over the years that have actually given me headaches, fallen off my nose, or overall just weren’t the best even though they were super cute. These six are sure to be a show-stopper and are perfect for any day this summer!

The Glasses: (Going from left to right in the picture)

  1. These frames are huge and that’s the main aspect that I love about them! They remind me a little of the Celine glasses that have a similar shape and I love that. The green color is great for all year round and I find them perfect for those days where you really do not want to be wearing any makeup.
  2. I get questions on these sunglasses all the time. They look like a larger typical Dior pair. These are definitely the most comfy pair of glasses I own because they are so lightweight.  They are super durable as well. I have sat on these, dropped them, etc. and they still look perfectly new!
  3. These are a pair readers instead of sunglasses but I wanted to throw them in. Sometimes I just have those days where I’d rather be wearing glasses that I can actually wear inside stores as well. I feel like a book-worm in these and I absolutely love it!
  4. These are one of my newest pairs of glasses this season. I love the translucent look these give and the baby pink color of the lens matches perfect for my skin tone. This trend of the see-through sunglasses is such a staple in my wardrobe this summer.
  5. These sunglasses happened to be in my last post when I was in Charleston. These are the sunglasses I not only get the most compliments on, but tend to grab the most as well. It is simple, I just really like the way they fit my face shape (which is very very round)!
  6. Lastly we have some classic Gucci’s. I fell in love with these when I first saw them in the store and I still have that same feeling to this day. These are just a great staple piece in my wardrobe. I love wearing these in the fall with some red lipstick and I feel totally put-together!

Where To Buy These glasses:

  1. Target

(Mine is from a local boutique but I found these which are super cute too).

2.  Dior

(I unfortunately was not able to find mine since these are a few years old but if you are willing to splurge these look so similar!)

3. Urban Outfitters

4. Anthropologie

5. MCM

6. Gucci

(These are pretty close to the ones I show!  Mine is pretty old so they do not have them anymore).  

I hope you all enjoyed this fashion post and be sure to stick around for Sunday’s post all about my handbag!

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